We run a number of live sessions in the UCAS Hub to help those researching their next steps, and record them all. You can access them below.
The sessions below are designed to connect you with industry experts and make sure that you get everything you need to make an informed decision.

How to choose which path is right for you

Uni. Apprenticeship. Gap Year. Employment? Join us as we delve into the different options and hear the pros and cons of each from those in the know to help you decide.

How and when to apply 2021 to 2022

So, you think you know what you want to study?

Choosing between similar courses can be tough. We chat to a panel of current students and find out more about how they made the decision to study their current courses. A UCAS expert also provides advice and answers your questions.

International Nurses Day: A look inside the world of nursing

With over 70,000 applicants last year, applications to nursing courses are consistently on the rise. Watch our careers advice, inspirational stories, and Q&A with those on the frontline.

How to find the perfect course for you

With so many choices to think about when you're applying to uni, watch us and our panel of experts share expert tips to help you find the right course for you.

What are employers looking for?

We sat down with employment experts, Reed, who shared what employers look out for when filling jobs and provided valuable insight on how to stand out from the crowd. Even if you’re not planning to go straight into work, this session could help you think about your skills.

26 January deadline: Ask us anything

With the 26 January deadline just around the corner, our live session was an opportunity to ask anything about your UCAS application – from personal statement tips to finding the right uni for you. 

Top tips to smash your UCAS application

Need a helping hand on how to apply? Not sure where you can find the right uni for you? Our expert panell tell you how.

Personal statements with Jane Marshall

Personal statement expert, Jane Marshall, explains all you need to know and answers your questions about writing your own personal statement.

World of apprenticeships

From construction to law, there is something for everybody. Hear from those in the know to see why over 700,000 people studied an apprenticeship last year.

True value of university

'University is so much more than just a degree'. Find out what life at uni is really like from our line-up of university students. Hear the uncut version of what university life really has to offer.

Personal statement write-along with Jane Marshall

Personal statement expert Jane Marshall plans out the perfect personal statement in this session – not to be missed.

The UCAS application clinic

Want to make sure you’ve got everything covered before you hit submit? UCAS experts share their application hints and tricks – common mistakes to avoid, what to focus on, and how to give yourself the best chances of success.

Finding the right path for you

Uni. Apprenticeship. Gap Year. Employment? Join us as we delve into the different options and hear the pros and cons of each from those in the know to help you decide.

How to choose the right course for you

With over 30,000 different courses on offer (and so many with the same but slightly different course title), how do you know which would be best for you and narrow down your final five? Find out how with our panel of experts.

Turning your passion into a career

Still not sure what you want to do? That’s completely OK. It’s hard to know what you want your life to look like, and sometimes inspiration is hard to come by. Our expert careers coach is here to give you some tips to help you get started and figure out what’s important to you.

Easy steps to boost your UCAS application this summer

Looking to start your application this summer? Our experts are on hand to help you break it down and advise on what you can do to make sure yours stands out from the crowd.

Studying at a conservatoire

What are conservatoires like? Are they different from university or college? How do I apply and get in? Find out directly from current students and admissions tutors.

15 October deadline application tips

We talk all things Oxford, Cambridge, medicine, veterinary medicine/science, and dentistry. From making your application stand out, to why these courses have an earlier deadline – our panel of experts answer your questions.

UCAS live participant

Thanks. The advice has been valuable to help me support students applying for early deadline courses.

Comparing unis: What really matters

With over 250 UK unis and colleges to choose from, there's a lot to consider when it comes to picking the right one for you. Our expert panel answer your questions and share some top tips on how you can find the right uni for you.

UCAS live participant

Thank you! This is really going to help me pick my uni choices.

Personal Statement Q&A

The personal statement. Arguably the hardest part of the application – writing about yourself. Start early and get yours underway this summer with our top tips on what to include, how to structure it, and make the most out of your 4,000 characters.

UCAS live participant

Amazing panel, feel a lot more confident now completing my personal statement!

International Nurses Day

We speak to a panel of experts about all things nursing for International Nurses Day! Hear great insight from admissions staff, NHS workers, and uni students about their experiences.

UCAS live participant

“Fantastic! I loved the passion they all have for nursing!”

How to secure a school-leaver opportunity

Discover some of the very best school-leaver opportunities available to apply for right now at some of the biggest companies in the UK and beyond. 

UCAS live participant

"Very informative and inspired me to look at my other options when I finish school."

Jack Parsons: Becoming an award-winning CEO in his early 20s

Jack became CEO of The Youth Group in 2018. His career kicked off by taking a photo of two coffee cups. He’s now known as the UK’s Chief Youth Officer and has been named as the Most Connected Young Entrepreneur. In this session Jack takes us through his journey as a self-starter, sharing the challenges he’s had to overcome, and offering you advice as you research your options.

UCAS live participant

"Jack is a real inspiration, such a great session!"

CV writing workshop with Reed

Knowing what to include, the language to use, and how to structure your CV is something you’ll use for your entire working life. In this workshop, recruitment experts from Reed take you through all this and more.

Student stories: Uni or apprenticeship?

Hear from two students and two apprentices on what it’s actually like, either studying at uni or in the workplace. Find out how they decided on their path, and how it’s different to school or college.

UCAS live participant

"What a great discussion, I am a careers adviser in a college and the advice your panel gave out was excellent!"

How best to represent yourself to universities

This session unpicks exactly what to put in your personal statement, as well as unpicking the best way to represent yourself in an interview. Jane Marshall has 20 years of experience working with universities, and is joined by Fred Binley, a Student Recruitment Officer. Between them they answered your questions to make sure you knew exactly what to do.

UCAS live participant

“Very insightful live session. Gained a lot of information and got to see Jane Marshall, despite having the pandemic (was originally supposed to come to my school for a visit)”

Unpicking league tables

Our two careers specialists are here to help you understand what league tables actually mean, the difference between them, and how to use them to your best advantage. In this session Gill and Andy give you all the advice on how to tackle using league tables and answer your questions on all things research.

UCAS live participant

“Really love the Hub lives! The answers are really helpful and the information invaluable! Thank you.”

Applying to Oxford and Cambridge

Do you want to really understand exactly what is required to get into Oxford or Cambridge? In this session Caitriona Woolhouse, Head of Outreach Delivery (Oxford) and Sam Lucy, Director of Admissions (Cambridge) go live for a Q&A to cover all of your questions about studying at both of the UK's leading universities.

UCAS participant

“It was great. Would have loved to hear more questions since the answers were so good!”

Applying to medicine

If you're interested in studying one of the most competitive but rewarding courses out there, then this is the right place for you. Join our expert panel, Dr Philip Chan, Kent & Medway Medical School, Dr Lewis Fall, University of South Wales and Clare Owen, Medical School Council to talk about all things medicine where your questions are answered.

UCAS live participant

“As a parent trying to guide my child from abroad, I have found these ONLINE sessions amazing. So much information can be gained especially from the online chats with students when questions get asked they wouldn't answer in an auditorium.”

Applying to dentistry

In this session we've answered all of your questions about applying for dentistry. Our panellists Christopher Tredwin and Sally Hanks from University of Plymouth with Emma Paton, University of Bristol, tell you everything you need to know to help you get into dentistry. 

UCAS live participant

“Very informative and similar questions which I had in mind and couldn't put into words were definitely answered. Thank you!”

Applying to veterinary

Do you love animals? Watch our Q&A to hear about all things veterinary, our panellists, Vikki Cannon, Head of Admissions at the Royal Veterinary College and David Bainbridge, University Clinical Veterinary Anatomist (Cambridge) answer your questions to make sure you stay on track.

UCAS live participant

“Thank you so much, lots of my questions were answered really well and the panel especially managed to put my mind at ease about not being able to do much work experience. I found the session very useful.”

Getting careers advice

We got two amazing careers advisers, Sally Armstrong and Iwan Williams, to answer your questions and help you think about your careers, and the long term outcomes and effects of your choices on your potential career. Understand how to make sure you have a fulfilling career and watch below.

UCAS live participant

"Thank you all this was incredibly useful and full of practical advice."

What are apprenticeships?

Ever wondered what a degree apprenticeship actually is, what is entails or the difference to a full time degree? In this session, Anna Gates, Civil Engineer Apprentice at EDF energy, Iain Fraser, Professor of Economics at University of Kent and Mark Ferries, Apprenticeships Adviser from the Nation Apprenticeships Service, help you understand whether an apprenticeship is right for you.

UCAS live participant

“Very concise and very informative - really well done!”